Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is allocated to schools with pupils on who are known to have been eligible for free school meals (FSM) at any time in the last six years.


Schools will have the freedom to spend the Premium, which is additional to the  schools budget, in a way they think will best support the raising of attainment for the most vulnerable pupils.

The targeted and strategic use of Pupil Premium will support us in achieving our vision to enable all pupils to achieve their potential.


  • We ensure that teaching and learning opportunities meet the needs of all of the pupils.

  • We ensure that appropriate provision is made for pupils who belong to vulnerable groups, this includes ensuring that the needs of socially disadvantaged pupils and Looked after children are adequately assessed and addressed.

  • In making provision for socially disadvantaged pupils, we recognise that not all pupils who receive FSM will be socially disadvantaged.

  • We also recognise that not all pupils who are socially disadvantaged are registered or qualify for free school meals. We reserve the right to allocate the Pupil Premium funding to support any pupils or groups of pupils that the school legitimately identified as being socially disadvantaged.

  • Pupil premium funding will be allocated following a data analysis which will identify priority classes, groups or individuals. Limited funding and resources means that not all children receiving FSM will be in receipt of Pupil Premium interventions at one time.


The range of provision the school will consider include:

  • Extra support in all years from Reception to Y6 is provided in the form of additional time for Teaching Assistants. Strategies are implemented such as 1 to 1 tuition and small target group teaching.

  • Providing small group work with an experienced teacher focussed on overcoming gaps in learning.

  • Funding TAs to support development of spoken language in R/Y1.

  • Funding to support the reduction of group size for RWI teaching in R & KS1

  • Release time for Literacy TLR to develop teaching and learning in literacy.

  • Additional teaching and learning opportunities provided by trained TAs eg RWI 1-1 tuition.

  • 1-1 support for reading in KS2.

  • Funding activity cards to enable pupils to access extended school activities.

  • Providing funding for Bryntysilio outward bound course for Y6.

  • Providing funding for enrichment activities.

  • Funding booster revision activities for Y6

  • The school employs a Parent Support Advisor to support vulnerable families.


It will be the responsibility of the Headteacher, or a delegated member of staff, to produce regular reports for the Governing Body. The report will include the following:

  • An outline of the provision that was made since the last meeting.

  • The progress made towards narrowing the gap, by year group for socially disadvantaged pupils.

  • An evaluation of the cost effectiveness, in terms of the progress made by pupils receiving a particular provision.

The Governors will ensure there is an annual statement to parents on how the Pupil Premium funding has been used to address the issue of 'narrowing the gap' for socially disadvantaged pupils. This information will appear on the school website.


Any appeals against this policy will be through the Governor's complaints procedure.

This policy will be reviewed annually.

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