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Hello, my name is Jessica and I’m in Year 5.

I am a maths ambassador because I have found that I really enjoy maths and that I’m pretty good at it too! Maths shows up a lot in our lives and now that I am a maths ambassador, I can teach maths and show how fun it really is.

I have also been chosen because I am a good role model around school and I set a good example for others. I enjoy working through maths problems and I’m always willing to help others understand maths. I enjoy maths related games such as times table rockstars which I play often which proves maths can be fun.

Another reason I have been elected is because I am always willing to help others work out maths problems and always look forward to maths related sessions and projects. I am super grateful for this role and I am excited to spread the joy of maths to everyone in school!

JE55 + MATH5= FUN!

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