At Elmore Green Primary School we are always striving to listen to parents and carers who have a concern about our school. As a parent or carer, your views are very important to us. If you wish to speak to someone in school, please contact the office who will be happy to direct your request.

If your child has special educational needs and you have a concern regarding the support your child receives please refer to the school’s special educational needs policy for the complaints procedure.

If there is still an issue that the school has not been able to deal with, then please follow the Walsall Local Authority procedure which is summarised below.

The Education Reform Act 1988 initiated rules from September 1989 to make Local

Authorities provide formal procedures for parents to follow if they are unhappy with the manner in which the Governing Board is delivering the National Curriculum, or the way in which religious worship is being conducted in school. Possible causes for complaint covered by these arrangements are:

  • The provision of a curriculum that meets the conditions of the Education Reform Act.

  • The implementation of the National Curriculum.

  • The provision of Religious Education and Religious Worship.

  • Questions regarding the withdrawal of children from the National Curriculum.

  • The operation of charging policies.

  • Compliance with the provision of information regulations.

It is important to note that these procedures DO NOT cover complaints about individual teachers, the Headteacher, other members of staff, discipline or admissions.

We would hope that in the unlikely event of any such problems occurring, you would feel able to discuss your concerns with Headteacher in the first instance, or the Chair of Governors.

The following procedure has been laid out by Walsall Local Authority;


Stage 1 - Informal


You should contact the school and make an appointment to discuss your concerns. This should be with a member of the Senior Leadership Team (Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher or Assistant Headteacher)

Stage 2 - Formal

Put your complaint in writing and address to the Chair of Governors (via the school) This step should only be taken if Stage 1 has not resolved the complaint. The complaint should be set out in writing to the Governing Body. The School’s Governors will acknowledge your complaint and provide a written response.

Stage 3 - Formal

You may be invited to attend a meeting with a panel of Governors to discuss your concerns. This may take place if stage 1 and 2 has not resolved the complaint.

It is intended that parents ‘escalate’ their concerns through this procedure should they feel that their complaint has not been dealt with and concerns still remain in relation to the criteria laid out above. However, we do realise that parents and carers may choose to begin their complaint at stage 2 should they feel they need to and whilst we would encourage them to talk to school leaders first as their concerns may be addressed informally, we will not insist that Stage 1 be completed before progressing to Stage 2.

It must be emphasised again that these procedures are only regarding complaints over the actions of the Governing Board function to discharge its duty in relation to the above criteria, and not individual teachers or actions. A copy of the L.A.’s procedure for the addressing of complaints is available for inspection upon request in school.