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Hello my name is Norah and I’m in Year 5.

I am really interested in maths and want to spread that around our school. I like to help people with maths just like my mom helped me. I have a passion for maths and really enjoy it.

I will make maths fun and simple for younger children. I will teach them the nine finger trick on their hands and show them different strategies to use. One of the main reasons why I wanted to become a maths ambassador is because I think you need to know maths as it is all around you. When you are in a shop you need to know how much change you would get from £10 or when you need to know how many minutes you have until you have to leave for school.

With work: I could help to support a pupil instead of giving them an answer. I would give them hints and clues and show children different ways of learning new things. 

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