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Hello, my name is Amelia and I’m in Year 5.

I am proud to say that I’m a maths ambassador and there are many reasons why:

First of all, I’m very enthusiastic about helping other children there are many children who lact confidence with maths and I want to change that.

I will try to make maths more fun and understandable with the children in my class so they are more engaged in whatever equation they are solving and to understand it a lot more, is and how important it is for life.

I want children to go home and think how great the maths lesson was and not just moan about how boring it was. Also, I want people to tell those around them how nice the ambassadors are so other people will be excited to see what they have come up with to improve skills.

Thank you for your time and I hope I encouraged you to be more enthusiastic about maths.

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