Religious Education


Religious Education Religious Education is a statutory requirement and is taught weekly. Collective Worship is taken daily, either as a whole school or within classes. The R.E. covered will be broadly of a Christian nature and follow the aims outlined in Walsall’s ‘Agreed Syllabus’.


R.E. is taught to enable children to understand religious beliefs and practices to help them form their own beliefs, judgements, allegiances and commitments. The children are taught to understand what a particular religion teaches, what it means to be a religious believer and to be aware of experiences which raise issues about the meaning of life. They will be encouraged to reflect on and respond to this understanding and awareness and to express their own ideas. They are encouraged to have confidence in their own beliefs and values and to respect those who hold beliefs different from their own. The curriculum has two main purposes; to enable your child to learn about religion and equally as important to learn from religion. Our curriculum does not seek to promote or indeed refute one religion over another, nor do our teachers.


Due to the nature of our mixed age structure, from Year 1 onwards, our RE curriculum is taught on a two-year cycle. The curriculum cycle is as follows:

RE Curriculum Tables-01.jpg