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At Elmore Green Primary School, we recognise the importance of spelling. 


In Key Stage 1 (Years 1-2), our phonics scheme, 'Monster Phonics' forms the basis for the teaching of spelling. The children will learn phonemes (sounds) and their corresponding graphemes (the letters that make those sound) and use this knowledge to spelling words.  The progression of spelling in Key Stage 1 is closely linked to the learning of phonics.  In addition, our children are taught how to spell words that are not spelt the way they sound (Common Exception Words) and those that are frequently used in English (High Frequency Words)


In Years 3-6 (Key Stage 2), we use the Liverpool Spelling Toolkits as a basis for the framework from which we teach spelling. Spellings are taught discreetly and as part of the daily English lesson. Spellings may also be taken from the key technical vocabulary for Mathematics, Science and other curriculum subjects. Learning these key words (and their meaning) supports learning across the curriculum.


We do not carry out weekly formal spelling assessments. Teachers will assess how well children can spell as part of their written pieces and dictated sentences.


In addition to the teaching of spelling conventions and rules in Key Stage 2, we also ensure we teach our children strategies for spelling new vocabulary they encounter such as the 'powerful' words we develop through our writing and those included in statutory National Curriculum word lists.

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